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About Tech 4 Solutions

We wrote Apps for the key areas of your transportation operations. Each App is specific to a role in a Transportation Company. Purchase as a bundle or separately, we help you manage a fleet, warehouse, maintenance facility, or brokerage. Apps enable your employees to do more in less time by providing screens for them to enter the key data to manage a load, complete a work order, or track your freight you broker.

Reduce roadblocks to the data getting into your TMS. Stop manual data entry 2-3 times before you can book your freight. Real Time information can be gathered from each individual role in your operations using a Tech 4 Solutions App.

Our Mission

To provide the best mobile experience for a fleet driver, a warehouse worker, a shop manager or mechanic, and a for hire broker.

Our Mission

To provide the best Mobile Experience for a Fleet, warehouse, shop or Brokerage.

Our Mission

To provide technology to an end user that makes their day more efficient by working smarter while improving the companies bottom line.

Advance features

Benefits of Services

Driver App for Truckload or LTL Freight

A simple app that guides a driver thru their pickups and deliveries. Data integration to your TMS allows quick updates to dispatch, accounting, and operations. Manage single delivery/pickup Truckload and LTL. Our App was built for cross dock too.

Warehouse with Crossdock Management

An app used in the warehouse to manage inbound and outbound freight. Set locations, pallet counts, freight pictures from the App. Request Yard Dog & comes with a companion App for terminal moves.

Shop Manager/Shop Mechanic

Managers and mechanics alike can access the information they need to gain autonomy and increase efficiency while updating the asset maintenance software.

Broker/Carrier Track & Trace

Integrate track and tracing directly into your TMS providing shippers with real time updates of your freight via our App.