Optimize driver and freight
management with Apps built specifically for transportation companies.

Get one app for your fleet, warehouse, maintenance facility, or brokerage. Integrate once with an app that was custom-written for each key area of a company running multiple transportation operations, all with integration to your TMS. Stop wasting hours manually updating your systems. Utilize workflows with your employees to drive the data back to your TMS and AMS.

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About Tech 4 Solutions

We wrote Apps for the key areas of your transportation operations. Each App is specific to a role in a Transportation Company. Purchase as a bundle or separately, we help you manage a fleet, warehouse, maintenance facility, or brokerage. Apps enable your employees to do more in less time by providing screens for them to enter the key data to manage a load, complete a work order, or track your freight you broker. Reduce roadblocks to the data getting into your TMS. Stop manual data entry 2-3 times before you can book your freight. Real Time information can be gathered from each individual role in your operations using a Tech 4 Solutions App.

We specialize in transportation

Our Services

Driver App for Truckload or LTL Freight

A simple app that guides a driver thru their pickups and deliveries. Data integration to your TMS allows quick updates to dispatch, accounting, and operations. Manage single delivery/pickup Truckload and LTL. Our App was built for cross dock too.

Warehouse with Crossdock Management

An app used in the warehouse to manage inbound and outbound freight. Set locations, pallet counts, freight pictures from the App. Request Yard Dog & comes with a companion App for terminal moves.

Shop Manager/Shop Mechanic

An App for the Shop mechanic who will receive their work assignments directly to the App. Opening work orders tracks time spent repairing a vehicle. All parts are removed form inventory and applied to each work order. Built in time clock can serve as the mechanics hourly payment tracking.

Broker/Carrier Track & Trace

An App used by any driver delivering or picking up freight. The drivers App is simple guiding the driver thru the entire pickup and delivery process. Freight details including pallet counts, pieces, weights, etc. all can be at their fingertips. Get status updates returned to your TMS with integration, or our Web portal included in the service.


Shop Manager/Shop Mechanic


Let your mechanics focus on what they do best—spinning wrenches. Our Apps allow them to easily manage parts, create notes on work performed, generate work orders, and perform common tasks in-App, such as trailer inspections.

  • Time Clock: Shop mechanic will clock in/out on the App daily
  • Create Work Order (start and end ): Mechanic can start and end a work order that’s been assigned to them
  • Capture Mechanic Notes: Any notes a mechanic adds will be recorded in the App and sent to R&M
  • Inspection Trailer: can perform a trailer inspection directly in the App
  • Parts Management: All parts management is included in the mechanic Apps


Finally, get a handle on parts, work orders, and the power to help employees do more. Dealing with parts in and out is always trouble in one way or another. Find your parts, order them, and assign them to work orders with ease, according to a wide variety of parameters. Employees can accept incoming parts, automatically create AP transactions and count shop inventory using the App, cellphone, or bar code scanner.

  • Time Clock: Shop employee will clock in/out on the App daily to track the hours worked that day
  • Create Invoice AP Payable: App can create an AP payable event based on parts ordered and received
  • Create Stock Receipt & Create AP Payable: Shop employee can accept incoming parts on the App and automatically create the AP transaction in payables
  • Shop Inventory Count: Shop employee can do inventory counts using the App, cellphone, and bar code scanner, and enter quantities in inventory by part number into the App
  • Create Work Orders: Shop manager can create shop work orders by Vehicle ID, trailer, tractor, or other equipment like forklifts
  • Assign the Parts to Work Order: Shop manager can assign parts to an active work order in the App


Slash integration time and get to work

  • Integration means you don’t have to waste time juggling multiple software integrations.
  • Tech4 integrates four functional areas of your transportation company with a single install.
  • Pull real-time data and stay up to date instantly on all shop, freight, brokered loads, and fleet operations by teaming with Tech4 Solutions.