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Driver App for truckload and LTL freight
Driver need to focus on fast and safe deliveries. Empower them to do just that with an App that deliveries the functionality and usability required for success. Complex App lead to drivers making mistakes or inputting poor-quality information. Ours makes easy and ends time-wasting related to repeated manual processes.
  • Load Management: Integrate loads two way
  • Time Clock Hourly Drivers: Driver clock in/clock out.
  • GPS Tracking: Auto arrival and auto departure.
  • Image Capture: Drivers prompted to take a picture of freight at pickup and delivery.
  • Load paper Work: Documents can be uploaded from the driver's device via the App.
  • Schedule Driver: Drivers will have a schedule of drops and pickups for daily load management.
  • Trip Envelop: Driver can enter daily expenses for reimbursement by the fleet.
  • Work Order & Images: Driver accesses work orders and uploads relevant images.
  • TMS Updated Real Time: All driver updated be reflective in the transportation management software real time.
  • Truck & Trailer Inspection: Drivers can perform truck/trailer inspections as part of the daily routine.
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